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A Comprehensive Privacy-Respecting Mechanism for Global E-Commerce

October 10, 2018

Talk, The Applied Security and Information Assurance Group - APSIA, Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Complexity is inherent in end-to-end e-commerce mechanisms that are currently deployed in the real world. These mechanisms have to deal with various important and diversified aspects of sales and payment processes. While some aspects of e-commerce have been dealt with from a privacy point of view, other aspects have not been addressed, and therefore the complexity of the complete global e-commerce cycle has been ignored. In this talk, we look at the entire transaction flow and support procedures for e-commerce and payments, including all parties and processes within the e-commerce ecosystem. This analysis is intented to designing a comprehensive system by means of privacy-preserving cryptographic tools. Simultaneously, our efforts are on promoting a high flexible methodology by leveraging functionality of existing processes.

Hyperledger: hands-on

July 19, 2018

Talk, Blockchain: de las criptomonedas a las redes de negocio, UAM-IBM Chair, UAM, Madrid, Spain

Blockchain Day

April 21, 2016

Talk, BBVA Innovation Center, The API Hour, Madrid, Spain

Moderador de la mesa redonda sobre la tecnología blockchain

Time series characterization by means of applied symbolic dynamics

April 23, 2012

Talk, CIO, Universidad Miguel Hernández, Elche, Spain

The relationship between the dynamical systems theory and the principles of cryptography was underlined by Shannon in his seminal work about perfect secrecy. Indeed, it is possible to interpret the main requirements of encryption systems by means of general concepts of dynamical systems theory, as the sensitivity to initial conditions/control parameters and the ergodicity property. However, this relationship could imply security flaws when an attacker can link partial information extracted from the encryption process to a subset of the secret keys of the related cryptosystem. In this work we highlight the outcomes of the applied theory of symbolic dynamics as a tool to detect such a vulnerability.


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